April 2018

We have just added nineteen more tunes to our Bagpipe Tune Library

I have been enjoying learning and playing many compositions by Michael Grey. Michael, from Dundas Ontario, is one of the most creative people I have ever met. His music is original, interesting and fun to play. Michael is a very prolific composer of bagpipe music and has written or arranged over 300 tunes! Michael is publishing another book (his 7th) this summer and I encourage you to get a copy. It will be an excellent addition to anyone’s music library.

The tunes we have added, written by Michael Grey, are:

  • Coppermill – 4 part, 2/4 March
  • George A. Walker – 4 part, 2/4 March
  • Pipe Major Iain K. MacDonald – 4 part 2/4 March
  • Old Schoolhouse – 4 part Strathspey
  • Railburn – 4 part Strathspey
  • A.W. Berthoff’s Reel – 4 part Reel
  • Kismet – 4 part Reel
  • Katie Grey’s Welcome from Scotland – 3/4 March
  • Valley Train – 3/4 March
  • Strut d’Aumonier – 4/4 March
  • Manawatu Scottish Society Pipe Band – 4/4 March
  • Ragged Cutoff – 6/8 March
  • Anne Spalding Hornpipe – Hornpipe
  • Bob Worrall’s at St. Ann’s – Hornpipe
  • Bruce Gandy’s Dusty Chanter – Hornpipe
  • Between Hope and Union – Jig
  • Count Dickie – Jig
  • Drunrovin Farms – Jig

Our son, John Lee wrote a beautiful Slow Air for our grand-daughter when she was born: Taryn Annabelle Lee.

There are a total of 3500 tunes, including 285 piobaireachds on our website. All are played by myself on the full bagpipe. When you download them you receive a recording of me playing the tune plus the written music in BMW and PDF format.

We hope you enjoy the music!