Our Story

Jack Lee has been competing successfully at the highest levels of both solo piping and pipe bands for over 40 years. It is extremely rare that a piper excels in both the solo and band arenas. His accomplishments are a testament to his understanding of great bagpipe sound and music.

Jack has 3 sons (Andrew, Colin and John) who are all successful professional pipers. Andrew, the eldest, is very involved in the business. He is a two-time winner of the United States Gold Medal awarded in Kansas City each year. He is also a professional machinist – skills that are invaluable for Leeandsonsbagpipes.com

Jack and Andrew have done painstaking research into bagpipe tone production for years. There are very few makes of bagpipes, pipe bags and reeds that either Jack or Andrew have not tried during their careers. After operating on a small scale for a few years Lee and Sons Bagpipes Ltd was established in 2012. This work and passion goes into each product they produce. Their production facility in Surrey, BC has become a busy place with the addition of other employees and products.

Each chanter reed is hand-made and tested in a variety of different pipe chanters to ensure they are excellent. Each pipe bag is hand-made and patiently clamped, glued and sewn to achieve the highest quality possible. Each bagpipe is hand-turned on thoroughly-aged African blackwood. There are no shortcuts taken in our workshop.

We invite you to play our products and enjoy your music to the fullest.