Our Story

Jack Lee has been competing successfully at the highest levels of both solo piping and pipe bands for over 30 years. It is extremely rare that a piper excels in both the solo and band arenas. His accomplishments are a testament to his understanding of great bagpipe sound and music.

During all this time, Jack has strived to produce a tremendous bagpipe tone. Seeking that tone has been a passion of his, and he understands how reeds can be made and manipulated to produce great bagpipe tone.

Jack’s ability to work with reeds has played a major role in his solo success, the success of the SFU and RMM pipe bands, and also the success of his sons —Andrew, Colin and John — as they have progressed from beginner pipers to prize-winning professionals.

Jack and his sons have done painstaking research for years in this area. They have used their wealth of knowledge and successful track record to produce a terrific chanter reed. The Lee and Sons bagpipe reeds can produce the type of tone that has become synonymous with Jack Lee. They want to share this with you.

Jack won the Inverness Gold Medal in 1981 and has been competing with the world’s top pipers for over 30 years. During that time he generally “Kept the recorder running”. The result is a mountain of great music that can and should be shared. Whether you are learning a new piobaireachd or strathspey, or just want to enjoy a vast array of pipe music played by one of the world’s top pipers, there is something here for you!