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The entire 16-book Piobaireachd Society Collection has been recorded by Jack on the full bagpipe and is available in our tune library.

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The Lee family has been producing quality bagpipe music and tone for many years. Jack Lee has won every major solo prize in the piping world and helped lead the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band to six Grade 1 World Pipe Band Championships. Jack has done this by continuously developing and refining the quality and tone of his music. He has the proven ability to produce great bagpipe tone in solo and band settings by working with and understanding chanter reeds. Lee and Sons Bagpipes is using this experience to produce chanter reeds that make this kind of tone available to our customers.

Goatskin and Sheepskin Pipe Bags with zipper…
The best of both worlds!

Lee and Sons announces the availability of Goatskin and Sheepskin pipe bags with zippers. Pipers have known for years that Goatskin and Sheepskin pipe bags have the capability of producing an incredibly rich, harmonic sound. That is why so many of the top pipe bands play hide bags – the resonance and quality can be hard to beat. But with hide bags the drones can get wet quickly and wander out of tune. Our pipe bags will help you get the harmonic tone that you are looking for but the zipper provides you with access to the inside of the bag. You can install a moisture system and keep the drones nice and dry. Our zippered bags offer the best of both worlds.

Bagpipe Tunes Database

During the past 30 years as Jack has been getting ready for his big competitions and recitals he has “left the recorder running”. The result is a mountain of great music that can and should be shared.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 15-day “No Questions” return policy. If you aren’t satisfied with our reeds for any reason just return them in 15 days. We will replace them right away.