March 2018

We have just uploaded 13 more tunes to Bagpipe Tune Library

There are a number of tunes written or arranged by our dear friend, Andrew Bonar:

  • Sailing Homeward – 4 part Jig
  • Caroling Capricorn – 4 part Jig
  • Asleep at the Wheel – Waltz arranged by Andrew Bonar
  • No Output Queued – 2 part Reel
  • Rocking the Baby – Reel arranged by Andrew Bonar
  • Pulling Strawline – 2 part Reel
  • In the Red – 2 part Reel
  • Wee Spat – 2 part Reel

Two piobaireachds from “The Pipers Meeting” by Patrick Molard and Dr. Jack Taylor”

  • Nameless (Hiharin tra ho tra dre)
  • MacIver’s March
  • Pipe Sergeant John Osborn – 6/8 march written by John Osborn from Portland, Oregon
  • Nana’s Jig – written by Paul Huggan. This was the winning tune from the annual New Zealand Summer School Tune Writing Contest, 2018
  • Colin Magee – jig written by Peter Aumonier

There are a total of 3500 tunes, including 285 piobaireachds on our website. All are played by myself on the full bagpipe. When you download them you receive a recording of me playing the tune plus the written music n BMW and PDF format.

Hope you enjoy the music!