October 2014

Sheepskin Premium Bag
We are delighted to announce the release our new pipe bag – Sheepskin Premium. This is a pipe bag that allows a piper to enjoy the benefits of sheepskin with a lot less maintenance. Sheepskin pipe bags are capable of producing an amazing, rich sound for the piper. Often it can require quite a bit of maintenance and seasoning to get the big sound. We have developed a pipe bag that enables the piper to get that special sheepskin sound without most of the maintenance. Our Sheepskin Premium begins with a sheepskin bag. We then cover the sheepskin with an airtight, breathable ultra-suede fabric. This fabric makes the pipe bag very airtight. Pipers season their sheepskin bags for two main reasons. (1) By far, the biggest reason for seasoning the bag is to make it as airtight as possible. This reason goes away with our Sheepskin Premium – it is very airtight already. (2) Pipers season their sheepskin pipe bags to get the rich, harmonic sound. Pipers can do that with our Sheepskin Premium bag as much or little as they like. We suggest pipers start out not seasoning the Sheepskin Premium at all and add seasoning as they see fit. Jack played the bag through the entire 2014 season and never seasoned it once. Hope you enjoy playing the Sheepskin Premium from Lee and Sons Bagpipes.