Sheepskin Pipe Bag

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Sheepskin is often regarded as the “best” hide for many players. When a sheepskin pipe bags is at its best it is hard to beat for tone, richness, resonance and harmonics. There is a little extra magic in the sound when sheepskin is being played and serious pipers and top pipe bands know this. But the trade-off is that it requires more maintenance than other bags. Most grade 1 pipe bands play sheepskin because to them the extra bit of work is well worth it to get the special sound.

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We also offer several options to help tailor your pipe bag to YOU. We would be happy to make the bags with the traditional “Straight Neck” if you would prefer that shape. We are also happy to make the bag in Extended Length if you prefer (2 extra inches at the back of the bag). We often make pipe bags larger than 11” so are happy to make that for you also. If you are purchasing a pipe bag without rubber gommets please let us know if you would like us to punch the 4 holes for you. Each of these are no extra charge.

We are pleased to make the Bruce Gandy custom size. Bruce Gandy, one of the world’s great pipers, plays a custom bag from us. Just let us know which pipe bag is best suited for you.

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