May 2017

We have just uploaded another 60 tunes to our Lee & Sons Tune Library, which brings the total on our site to 3,500. Included in the 60 tunes were the last few piobaireachds from the Piobaireachd Society Book 16. We have now recorded all piobaireachds from the Society’s Books 1-16.

Jack finished recording and uploading the first 15 books 2 years ago. No sooner had he recorded the “first 15” and the society published Book 16. He really enjoyed studying, playing and recording Book 16. There are some terrific tunes in there, such as Cave of Gold, Hail to my Country, The Sword’s Lament, etc. There is also a very nice alternative setting for Glengarry’s Lament. But there is one piobaireachd, The Piper’s Salute to his Master, which takes piobaireachd complexity to a whole new level. Previously, Jack had regarded the Nameless Lament from the MacArthur Manuscripts as the most difficult piece ever played. The Piper’s Salute to his Master is much more difficult. The technical and memory requirements are really something. But the tune is just under 28 minutes in length so the piper’s endurance is tested like no other piobaireachd ever published. Jack has recorded all of these tunes on full bagpipe. We hope you enjoy the music.