• Cowhide Pipe Bag

    From: $179.00

    Cowhide is the easiest to maintain of all the hides. It is extremely airtight, requires almost no seasoning, almost never leaks and produces a beautiful, natural sound.

  • Goatskin Pipe Bag

    From: $389.00

    Goatskin is very close to sheepskin in sound. We would say you can get about 90% of the greatness of sheep with much less maintenance. When a goatskin is going well you can hardly tell the difference from sheepskin. Goatskin usually need less seasoning, costs the same but lasts longer. Goatskin is very good value for the money.

  • Sheepskin Pipe Bag

    From: $389.00

    Sheepskin is often regarded as the “best” hide for many players. When a sheepskin pipe bags is at its best it is hard to beat for tone, richness, resonance and harmonics. There is a little extra magic in the sound when sheepskin is being played and serious pipers and top pipe bands know this. But the trade-off is that it requires more maintenance than other bags. Most grade 1 pipe bands play sheepskin because to them the extra bit of work is well worth it to get the special sound.

  • Sheepskin Premium Bag

    From: $429.00

    Sheepskin Premium is an incredible option for many pipers. You can get that special sheepskin sound with little or no maintenance. Most Sheepskin Premium pipe bags never require seasoning. The main reason for seasoning a pipe bag is to make it airtight. The airtight, ultra-suede fabric adhered to the outside of the sheepskin hide makes the bag airtight so seasoning isn’t required.

  • Lee & Sons Chanter Reed


    A terrific chanter reed, ideal for band or solo.

  • Lee & Sons 10 Chanter Reeds


    Buy 9 get 1 free!

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