January 2012

306 additional music files were added to our library. This brings the total number to 1,445, including 122 Piobaireachds.
These additions include tunes from all the categories – Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, Slow Airs, Jigs, Hornpipes, etc.

Fall 2011

We have just added 333 more music files to our website. This brings the total number to 1,141, including 122 Piobaireachds. This recent addition includes tunes from all the categories – Marches, Strathspeys, Jigs, Hornpipes, etc. I got serious about my playing when I was 19 or 20. My teacher, Jimmy McMillan, encouraged me to start recording my practice sessions to help me hear and improve my playing. Recording became a habit and I have pretty much kept the recorder running for over 30 years. I still have hundreds of more recordings to put on our site at some point. This recent update was really a lot of fun for me because they were mostly compositions by many of our great composers:

  • John MacColl
  • Peter R. MacLeod
  • Peter MacLeod Jr.
  • D.C. Mather
  • John MacLellan, Dunoon
  • P/M William Ross
  • William Fergusson
  • P/M Donald Shaw Ramsay
  • And many others

Recordings are inexpensive – All light music is $3, Piobaireachds are $5. You receive a recording of me playing the tune on the pipes plus the written music in PDF and Bagpipe Music Writer format. Also, you receive a 50% credit towards the cost of chanter reeds or other recordings on our site. Hope you enjoy.

Summer 2011

Jack Lee wins his 4th Silver Star for 1st in the Former Winners March, Strathspey and Reel at the Northern Meetings in Inverness, Scotland. Jack wins his 5th, 2nd prize in the Clasp playing “War or Peace”. Jack also wins the aggregate for the Northern Meetings.

This photo shows Andrew, Colin and Jack holding the trophies.

December 2010 is open for business! After a two year development and testing phase, the pipe chanter reed is complete and the Lee family is very happy with the results. Jack’s music library is put on Total number of tunes available is 808, including 120 piobaireachds.

Fall 2010

Lee and Sons Bagpipes develops multiple reed characteristics. They develop reeds that would be ideal for Solo pipers, Band pipers and Pipers who are playing for their own enjoyment. They also develop reeds of different strength (Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard).

Summer 2010

Lee and Sons Bagpipes acquired their first CNC machine. They become able to manufacture a very consistent and high quality chanter reed.
The SFU Pipe Band wins 3rd prize at the World Pipe Band Championships

John Lee wins the C-grade aggregate at the Cowal Games in a very big field. He won first in the piobaireachd playing “Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute” from the MacArthur-MacGregor manuscripts.

Jack Lee wins his second Clasp at the Northern Meetings in Inverness. The tunes played were Nameless, A Lament (from the MacArthur manuscripts) and Lament for the Bishop of Argyll.

Spring 2010

Colin Lee wins the Cameron-Gillies Challenge in San Francisco. Tune played was “The Glen is Mine”
Jack Lee wins the piobaireachd at the Dr. Dan Reid in San Francisco. Tune played was “Mrs. MacLeod of Tallisker’s Salute”

Winter 2010

Lee and Sons Bagpipes begin to seriously develop their own chanter reed. They utilize Jack Lee’s experience gained throughout his career to test many different options.
Andrew Lee wins the United States Gold Medal In Kansas City. Tune played was “The Big Spree”