April 2018

We have just added nineteen more tunes to our Bagpipe Tune Library

I have been enjoying learning and playing many compositions by Michael Grey. Michael, from Dundas Ontario, is one of the most creative people I have ever met. His music is original, interesting and fun to play. Michael is a very prolific composer of bagpipe music and has written or arranged over 300 tunes! Michael is publishing another book (his 7th) this summer and I encourage you to get a copy. It will be an excellent addition to anyone’s music library.

The tunes we have added, written by Michael Grey, are:

  • Coppermill – 4 part, 2/4 March
  • George A. Walker – 4 part, 2/4 March
  • Pipe Major Iain K. MacDonald – 4 part 2/4 March
  • Old Schoolhouse – 4 part Strathspey
  • Railburn – 4 part Strathspey
  • A.W. Berthoff’s Reel – 4 part Reel
  • Kismet – 4 part Reel
  • Katie Grey’s Welcome from Scotland – 3/4 March
  • Valley Train – 3/4 March
  • Strut d’Aumonier – 4/4 March
  • Manawatu Scottish Society Pipe Band – 4/4 March
  • Ragged Cutoff – 6/8 March
  • Anne Spalding Hornpipe – Hornpipe
  • Bob Worrall’s at St. Ann’s – Hornpipe
  • Bruce Gandy’s Dusty Chanter – Hornpipe
  • Between Hope and Union – Jig
  • Count Dickie – Jig
  • Drunrovin Farms – Jig

Our son, John Lee wrote a beautiful Slow Air for our grand-daughter when she was born: Taryn Annabelle Lee.

There are a total of 3500 tunes, including 285 piobaireachds on our website. All are played by myself on the full bagpipe. When you download them you receive a recording of me playing the tune plus the written music in BMW and PDF format.

We hope you enjoy the music!

March 2018

We have just uploaded 13 more tunes to Bagpipe Tune Library

There are a number of tunes written or arranged by our dear friend, Andrew Bonar:

  • Sailing Homeward – 4 part Jig
  • Caroling Capricorn – 4 part Jig
  • Asleep at the Wheel – Waltz arranged by Andrew Bonar
  • No Output Queued – 2 part Reel
  • Rocking the Baby – Reel arranged by Andrew Bonar
  • Pulling Strawline – 2 part Reel
  • In the Red – 2 part Reel
  • Wee Spat – 2 part Reel

Two piobaireachds from “The Pipers Meeting” by Patrick Molard and Dr. Jack Taylor”

  • Nameless (Hiharin tra ho tra dre)
  • MacIver’s March
  • Pipe Sergeant John Osborn – 6/8 march written by John Osborn from Portland, Oregon
  • Nana’s Jig – written by Paul Huggan. This was the winning tune from the annual New Zealand Summer School Tune Writing Contest, 2018
  • Colin Magee – jig written by Peter Aumonier

There are a total of 3500 tunes, including 285 piobaireachds on our website. All are played by myself on the full bagpipe. When you download them you receive a recording of me playing the tune plus the written music n BMW and PDF format.

Hope you enjoy the music!

January 2018

We have just uploaded a number of tunes including the remaining 3 piobaireachds from the 2018 Piobaireachd Society Set Tune List. All 2018 set tunes are now on our site. 2018 was a big year for the Lee family – the highlights were the birth of our first 2 grand-children. John Lee has composed an excellent hornpipe for our older entitled “Jensen Lee”.

December 2017

Jack was selected as Piper of the Year by both and These prestigious awards recognized Jack’s competitive success in 2017 plus his significant contribution to the art form. Jack was also selected as the Solo Competition Piper of the year by

December 2017

Lee and Sons Bagpipes is pleased to celebrate its 7th anniversary with a special sales price on all pipe bags. All pipe bags purchased from our online store are reduced by 20% during the month of December, 2017. This includes the prices of all the pipebags, zippers and grommets.

October 2017

Jack Lee won the Glenfiddich Championship at Blair Castle. The “Glenfiddich” is considered to be the most prestigious solo piping contest in the world. Confined to 10 pipers, competitors must have won a Major Piping Competition in the past year. Jack won 1st in the Piobaireachd event and 2nd in the March, Strathspey and Reel. Jack is the only non-scottish piper to ever win the Glenfiddich. This was his second win with the first being in 2003. Jack played the bagpipe and bag made by Lee & Sons Bagpipes Ltd.

August 2017

Jack Lee wins the Silver Star at the Argyllshire Gathering, also known as the Former Winners March, Strathspey, Reel. Jack played John MacDonald of Gencoe, Islay Ball and the Rookery on a bagpipe and goatskin bag made by Andrew Lee of Lee & Sons Bagpipes Ltd. With that win, Jack has now won every major prize in piping on at least one occasion.

August 2017

Jack Lee wins his second Masters Championships during Piping Live playing the piobaireachd, Lament for Colin Roy MacKenzie.
Jack played a set of pipes and pipe bag made by Andrew Lee.

May 2017

We have just uploaded another 60 tunes to our Lee & Sons Tune Library, which brings the total on our site to 3,500. Included in the 60 tunes were the last few piobaireachds from the Piobaireachd Society Book 16. We have now recorded all piobaireachds from the Society’s Books 1-16.

Jack finished recording and uploading the first 15 books 2 years ago. No sooner had he recorded the “first 15” and the society published Book 16. He really enjoyed studying, playing and recording Book 16. There are some terrific tunes in there, such as Cave of Gold, Hail to my Country, The Sword’s Lament, etc. There is also a very nice alternative setting for Glengarry’s Lament. But there is one piobaireachd, The Piper’s Salute to his Master, which takes piobaireachd complexity to a whole new level. Previously, Jack had regarded the Nameless Lament from the MacArthur Manuscripts as the most difficult piece ever played. The Piper’s Salute to his Master is much more difficult. The technical and memory requirements are really something. But the tune is just under 28 minutes in length so the piper’s endurance is tested like no other piobaireachd ever published. Jack has recorded all of these tunes on full bagpipe. We hope you enjoy the music.

March 2017

We are very pleased to add 55 more tunes to our extensive Tune Library. The entire Piobaireachd Society Collection (Books 1-15) is available plus the majority of Book 16. We have added some terrific compositions by modern composers such as Bruce Gandy, Iain MacCrimmon, Bob Worrall, Robert Mathieson and others. It also includes a number of the winning compositions from the Tune Writing competitions that Jack has organized at his various piping schools. With each tune you purchase you receive a recording of Jack Lee playing it on the full Highland bagpipe plus the written music in Bagpipe Music Writer and PDF formats.