Bagpipe Chanter Reeds

Jack Lee has spent his career trying to perfect his bagpipe tone. He has learned an enormous amount about what is required to produce great tone, and that knowledge and experience is applied to every Lee and Sons bagpipe reed. The reeds you receive are the product of Jack’s experience, and reflect the kind of sound quality that has been so successful for him.

The characteristics he looks for in chanter reeds are:

  • Efficiency: The reed must respond when it is blown. They are fun to play
    when you get a “big bang for your buck.”
  • Strength: The strength is very personal and must be just right for you. A good reed should just be a tad strong when you first begin playing it. During the break-in period the reed’s strength should ease off a little.
  • Break-in period: A good reed is seldom a “plug and play” reed. A reed will change a great deal in the first few days of playing as moisture and vibrations hit it for the first time. A good reed will improve during this break-in period.

For the Solo Piper

  • Brightness: The reed should have a crackling brightness to its sound. It should not be excessively loud but still resonate in a true and melodic way
  • Piobaireachd High G: This is a very tough note to get steadily. Many of the modern chanter and reed combinations are not able to produce a reliable and pleasing High G. The Piobaireachd High G must be rock solid.

For the Band Piper

  • Volume: Band pipers want plenty of volume. They want reeds that will produce a big sound without being excessively hard to blow.
  • Solid Feel: A good band reed should feel solid to blow. There should be a little resistance to the reed when you blow it. If a band piper varies their blowing slightly you don’t want to reed’s pitch to shoot sharp or flat excessively.

For the Piper playing for enjoyment

  • Reliability: A good reed for enjoyment is reliable. It doesn’t change excessively from day to day. It will simply play well each time out without a lot of manipulation.
  • Sustainability: A good reed will last a minimum of several months. While it will change as you play it should remain solid and efficient.

Every reed made by Lee and Sons Bagpipes has these characteristics about them. It is our goal to make your pipes sound great. It is our goal to take the worry out of your chanter tone as much as we can.

Please tell us what make of chanter you are playing and we will do our best to match to the reeds to what you need. Also, tell us what strength you like (Easy, Medium, Hard). Tell us what kind of playing you mostly do (solo, band, enjoyment, etc).

We offer a 15-day “No Questions” return policy. If you aren’t satisfied with our reeds for any reason just return them in 15 days. We will replace them right away.